Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Chirogram is an Instagram management service designed to build brands and generate leads by engaging with your future audience/clients.

Are the followers real? 

You bet, we target accounts tied to real people, not bots. As a result, they tend to like, comment and become clients:)

Do the followers disappear if I cancel?

No, they are real followers that will not disappear at the end of your free trial (but we really hope you stick around for at least a few months so you can see what we can do). 

Are you going to hack my account?

No, we want you to have a great experience so you want share us (Ask us about our referral bonuses). 

Does this put my account in danger?

We always stay safely within Instagram's activity limits. No Chirogram clients have had any problems to date.

How do you generate leads with AutoDM?

Step 1: Grow your following.

Step 2: Leverage your following by sending direct messages to new followers.

Step 3: Engage responses, transition to email/phone and schedule them for a consultation.

How much is it after the free trial?

For current options, check out the 7-Day Free Trial info.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No way! You can cancel anytime. You should stay because you love us, not because you have to :)