Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Chirogram is an Instagram management service. We use various proprietary tools to build your accounts followers and generate leads for your business. Your practice feed will now be filled with an ever increasing number local prospective patients and people liking and commenting on your posts.

Is this buying followers?

No, our goal is to grow your account organically, with local high quality followers, as quickly as possible. We discourage the practice of buying followers on Instagram as these account are fake accounts, not tied to actual people. 

How do you grow my account organically?

When you start your 7-Day Free Trial we begin a relationship with your future clients by liking their posts and following them, so they receive notifications and follow you. After a few days, we will unfollow the accounts that have not followed us back.

Are you going to unfollow people I followed?

No, we will only unfollow accounts that we've followed and have not followed you back. This keeps a healthy ratio of followers/following for your account, so you don't appear spammy.

Are the followers real? 

You bet, we put checks in place to make sure we target accounts tied to real, local people vs fake bot spam accounts. As a result, they tend to like, comment, attend workshops and make appointments.

Do the followers disappear if I cancel?

No, these are organically grown followers that will not disappear at the end of your free trial (but we really hope you stick around for at least a month so you can see what we can do). 

Are you going to hack my account?

No, we want you to have a great experience with Chirogram so you want share us (Ask about our referral and affiliate programs). It's our goal to see chiropractic saturate Instagram and become the norm. 

Does this put my account in danger?

From a technical standpoint, we will always stay safely within Instagram's acitivity limits, so your account will never be at risk. No one has had any problems using Chirogram to date.

How do you generate leads with AutoDM?

Step 1: Growing your following. We want to build local awareness and trust in your practice by growing the number of people every day seeing what your doing.

Step 2: Leverage your following by sending direct messages to new followers. These messages are custom for every client but should introduce you, acknowledge the recent follow and extend an invitation to ask you a question or update about your business to start a conversation.

Step 3: You will end up with qualified replies because we have filtered down to local people, interested in your business, that have chosen to follow you and are replying with interest about your practice.

Step 4: From here, make sure they are local, inquire about their problems and we recommend transitioning quickly out of direct message to email or phone to invite them in for a free consultation or RSVP for your next workshop.

How much is it after the free trial?

We offer Weekly, Monthly and Monthly with AutoDM subscriptions. For current subscription rates, check out the 7-Day Free Trial page.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No way! Once your subscription begins, you can cancel anytime. Unlike our competitors, we do not require 6-month or yearly plans to get a discount. You should stay because you love us, not because you have to :)

How do I cancel?

We hope you stay on the mission of spreading chiropractic with us and never want to cancel, but if the occasion should arise, just shoot us an email and we'll take care of it.